Unraveling the

Oxidative and protein imbalance

Loss of proteostasis - Hallmarks of aging

A human cell can contain up to 20 million protein molecules, therefore an important task for the cell is to maintain a balance between protein synthesis and degradation (homeostasis), also known as proteostasis. As we grow older this balance can be lost, which can accelerate the aging process.⁽¹⁻²⁻³⁾

Proteostasis (the balance between protein synthesis and degradation) is normally maintained by mechanisms of protein metabolism.  This proteostasis can be altered with time and associated with an accumulation of misfolded and dysfunctional proteins that accelerate the aging process.

In the skin, oxidative stress induced by external aggressions can damage the molecular structure and function of proteins, resulting in the loss of proteostasis.

By reactivating metabolism and limiting protein oxidation, balance could be restored and aging could be decelerated.⁽¹⁻²⁻³⁾


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