what is the co-laboratory?

The heart of Dior Science

Our co-laboratory - Dior Science

Since its creation, the LVMH Hélios research center, based in Saint-Jean-de-Braye (Loiret), France, has been the largest cosmetics research unit in Europe. Connected to four other innovation centers, including three in Asia (Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and Seoul), Hélios is a truly multidisciplinary hub of innovation, with research groups dedicated to skin science, but also to the study of active floral ingredients and formulary development.

Each Dior Science discovery is the fruit of a virtuous collaboration between the Hélios network and prestigious partnerships with the world's most renowned research institutions, such as CiRA, Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston, the CNRS, Harvard University, and Sorbonne University, as well as innovative start-ups such as LabSkin Creations.

These partnerships result in high-level joint publications in internationally renowned scientific journals, such as Nature or American Science, and the presentation of major discoveries at international scientific conferences.

CiRA: Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, Japan.

CNRS: Centre National de la recherche scientifique, France.