Is it possible to reverse the course of

biological time?

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Anyone can be characterized by their age, as the definition of the term is well known. However, not many people know there are actually two types of age:

Chronological age

Chronological age is determined by an individual’s date of birth. It is invariable and irreversible.


Biological Age

Biological age reflects the state of our body’s health. It may or may not be similar to our chronological age and depends on many environmental and lifestyle factors. It is measurable but not inevitable.

Aging, a complex process

A natural and progressive process, aging can be defined as the progressive loss of physiological integrity that can lead to reduced time spent in good health. It is a physiological deterioration that increases our vulnerability to various age-related diseases and, as the years go by, shows itself on all our faces.

Today, more than ever, the scientific community is exploring and dissecting the hallmarks of aging to help slow down, stop or even reverse its effects.

Now, Reverse Aging makes this dream possible, thanks to the commitment of the many experts in this field. Great strides forward have already been made in the science of longevity, which fills us with hope for the future.

The 12

hallmarks of aging

The scientific community in the field of aging considers the publication by López-Otìn et al. a major reference. This review, published in 2013 and updated in January 2023, describes the 12 hallmarks of aging. Often interdependent, these hallmarks allow us to gauge the progression of an organism’s biological age.

Hallmarks of Aging - Dior Science

Source: López-Otín, et al. Hallmarks of aging: An expanding universe. Cell. 2023