The importance of

cellular recycling as an energy source in the aging process

Disabled macroautophagy - Hallmarks of aging

Autophagy is derived from the Greek words “auto” meaning self and “phagy” meaning eating. This “self-eating” process allows cells to break down internal cell parts and recycle them, providing nutrients during stressful conditions. Autophagy plays a vital role in skin equilibrium but as we age, we observe a decrease in its activity. This leads to an accumulation of waste products, which can negatively impact the skin.⁽¹⁻²⁾

More specifically, it is called “macroautophagy” and plays a vital role in skin homeostasis. The decrease in its activity observed with age leads to reduced recycling and clearance of waste products, as well as reduced nutrient availability, which can negatively impact skin cell functions over time.

Reactivating this process could help in reversing the effects of time.⁽¹⁻²⁾


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